Gravel Driveways

Dunn Excavation completed a gravel driveway installation in Grove City, Ohio.

Gravel Driveway Service in Grove City, Ohio

Is your driveway a sloppy smear of mud? How difficult do you find it to go outside after a severe rainstorm? Do you have a problem with your driveway being able to be accessed properly? The professionals at Dunn Excavation can assist you with installing a beautiful new gravel driveway! Regardless of how long or short your driveway is, we can solve your mud problem! We want to make your job as an excavation contractor in Grove City as simple as possible! We value our clients and would be honored if we could make a significant difference in their lives. The opportunity to work with you on creating the driveway you need and require is exciting to us.

Let us imagine the following scenario: it is the day after a storm has raced across the region. The commute to work is only 10 minutes, but you need to get your car out of the muck that has accumulated in the driveway. You anticipate that this will take at least 5 minutes, and you have a seven-minute commute to work to contend with. You sigh as your hands are raised in the air. Unfortunately, you will have no choice but to dig your wheels out of the mud because you will not be able to make it in time for your appointment. You are thirty minutes late to your place of employment. The reason why your friend Jim is shaking his head is because he knows you’ve gotten into trouble with the boss. Furthermore, you have just forfeited thirty minutes of salary because your dirt driveway has become muddy. Your boss advises you that if you do not repair your driveway, you will be fired from your position. The remainder of your day goes south from there, and you decide to enquire about gravel driveway quotas to alleviate your frustration.

Consider the alternative: it is the day following a storm that has raced through the region of concern. You’ve got ten minutes to get to work on time. The office is about a seven-minute drive away from the house. When you get into your car, you take a sip of your coffee before putting it in the cupholder. It is time for you to start your car and leave your driveway. You make it to your place of employment with three minutes to spare. Your first step into the workplace is to give a high-five to your coworker Jim before taking a seat at your workstation. Life is wonderful, and you can thank Dunn Excavation for providing you with a higher-than-average pay and a smooth morning following a severe storm. In the event that this is your preferred option, please contact us immediately!

As an excavation contractor, we make certain that your driveway is correctly graded and leveled before spreading out the gravel. This ensures that your mornings are as smooth as your new gravel driveway after it is completed. Exceptional excavation services are provided in Grove City, Groveport, Canal Winchester, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, West Jefferson, Hillard, and the surrounding areas by our team of experienced professionals. We strive to make each person’s life better by providing them with our services.

Our professional services also include site clearing, water line installation, stock pond construction, demolition, tank clean-out, and gravel pad construction. We are here to help you with anything you require. If you require any of these services, please contact us as soon as possible! (614) 665-8090.
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An old muddy driveway in the city of Grove City, Ohio.